Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  1. Which airline’s in-flight magazine is called namaskar ?
  2. In the days of the East India Company what was known as the company kagaz ?

  3. IDENTIFY the logo below.
    hint :- hear this logo a loud )
  4. This car model  is the face of Cabs in London and established a unique fame for itself. Recently 10 such cars were bought by Subhash Sanas exclusively for the guests at Oakwood Hotel in Pune. Which Car model am I talking about & which company manufactures it ?
  1. Give the name of the  Japanese originated camera company which was the the main camera sponsor of Montreal Olympic Games and is named after the buddhist god shown in the image below.
  2. Which is the first company ever to issue stocks ?
    identify the same from the logo)
  3. Which famous Indian sportsperson was one of the members of the Board for Kingfisher Airlines(the position he held previously with Air Deccan and hence moved on to Kingfisher when it bought the former company).

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