Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BUSINESS QUIZNESS #2 (the business quiz)


  1. The motto of which business magazine is the same as that of the name of the magazine publisher’s private aircraft (a Boeing 727 trijet ) who died in early 1990’s.
  2. which INDIAN BANK has acted as the central bank of Myanmar and of Pakistan the past ?
  3. Which company sponsored Netherlands in ICC world cup 2011. Also name the team sponsored by the same company in the inaugural  edition of INDIAN GRAND PRIX.
  4. The managing director RELIANCE ADAG, Mr. Amitabh Jhunjhunwala is one of the most trusted persons  of ANIL AMBANI, but only a few know that his relation with ANIL goes back to the early 80’s when RELIANCE used to be one of the clients of Amitabh. Since then the relationship has blossomed into loyalty. In 1993 he joined KOTHARI PIONEER (founded by Anil’s brother-in-law Shyam Kothari), but before joining the company and after working as CA, Amitabh started a magazine on finance. Name the magazine.
  5. Name the Hitler’s theme based cafe to have opened up in Navi Mumbai only to be     renamed a week after its opening due widespread controversies.
  6. Which movie is considered to be the longest commercial for ‘fed-ex’.
  7. which is supposedly the first restaurant chain to provide ‘dining rooms’ (even though they were plastically furbished )?
  8. Well we all know about BOEING being one the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. As a matter of fact, the company name  comes from its founder WILLIAM E. BOEING. But a few know that the original name was not BOEING, so give me the original name.


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