Friday, January 20, 2012

BUSINESS QUIZNESS (the business quiz) # 1

  1. which business personality and founder of a world famous cosmetics store is called the “the queen of green” for her passion for human rights and environment.
  2. Today one of the giants of silicon valley GOOGLE, initially was to be registered for another name, which was accidentally misspelled to produce ‘google’. What was the ‘earlier name’.
  3. Identify the motor company from the image below and also deduce what is the relation and significance of that motor company with BMW.
identify the motor company from  this  logo

  1. which of the famous world car manufacturers once had ‘tank’ in their logo.
  2. which was the first insurance company in INDIA.
  3. What was the name of the single engine aircraft J.R.D TATA flew in the first ever flight from karachi to bombay.
  4. What was the first brand to be endorsed by shahrukh khan (appeared in 3 ads for that brand).
  5. It is a common fact that IBM is known as ‘big blue’, but then which company is called ‘big black’.
  6. Mcdonalds entered in Indian market in 1996, but since Foreign Direct Investment was not allowed, it set up ties with two Indian restaurants. Name both of them.

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