Friday, March 23, 2012


the perfect set of questions refresh your corporate knowledge
  1. RASNA has been one of the most famous brand and even after 25 years of its launch it still has a market share of more than 93% in soft drink concentrate . It is managed by PIOMA INDUSTRIES (Ahmedabad) . The company introduced a fruit drink in 2000 which failed due to its basic requirement to be refrigerated 24 hours. Name the fruit drink.

  2. MICROSOFT has evolved year by year and today it stands as one of the  IT giants, and so has the logo(which represents a company’s image). This year i.e. 2012 a new logo has been adopted by the company loosely termed as “It’s a window, not a flag”.  Which design house is responsible for the new logo, which are also related to several other popular names like DELL, NETGEAR.

  3. Identify the logo :-
    CLUE:- Red bird, Blue Bird, Yellow bird, White Egg, Black Bomb....]
  4. During the 1960’s with computer industry gaining massive recognition and support all over the world, eight companies formed majority of the trends and were termed as “SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARVES”. Which company was called as the SNOW WHITE ?
  5. Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest Stock Exchanges in Asia, including it there are in all five Stock Exchanges in India. Which was the first company to get listed on the BSE after it’s inception?

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